A New Brewery Comes to Town!

We are very proud to announce the opening of a new Los Angeles brewery! Our friends at the Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery in downtown Los Angeles, have opened their doors and released their first beer! Congrats guys!
Since they don’t yet have their tasting room setup, we’re happy to host them in ours, to share their first offering with all of you. Join us tonight to meet the brewer, Brian Lethcoe, as we toast our brewing brethren and celebrate the growing community of Craft Beer Culture in Los Angeles!

Tasting Room Hours:  Friday & Saturday 4 – 10pm, Sunday 12 – 6pm

Orange County Field Trip

On Friday, I went along with Brian Lethcoe (from Nibble Bit Tabby Brewing Co.) for a visit to the two new microbreweries in Orange County, The Bruery and Bootlegger’s Brewery.  Both of these breweries have been working hard over the past year and going through the same bureaucratic and logistical exercises that we are going through now.  But just a few months ago, both Patrick (The Bruery) and Aaron (Bootlegger’s Brewery) saw their dreams fulfilled as they were finally able to open their doors and sell their first batches of beer!

Thanks to Patrick and Aaron for letting us pick their brains on how to get it done, and for showing us that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel (or more accurately that there is BEER at the end of the tunnel)…Cheers guys!


Me, Brian, and Patrick (L to R) at The Bruery's tasting bar.

Me, Brian, and Patrick (L to R) at The Bruery's tasting bar










One other exciting bit of news is that Patrick just got the approval for on-site sales at The Bruery!  Now you can buy his beers and sample his creations right at the source.

Brewhouse and fermenters at The Bruery

Brewhouse and fermenters at The Bruery











Aaron, Murray, and Mike (L to R) at Bootlegger's

Aaron, Murray, and Mike (L to R) at Bootlegger's










Aaron’s business partner, Mike, is also his father.  It was nice to see that, since my dad and I are also business partners, trying to get our own microbrewery started.  Congratulations guys for getting it done!


Fermenters at Bootleggers Brewery

Fermenters at Bootlegger's Brewery


















Here’s Brian sitting with the brewhouse at Bootlegger’s.  This system is almost identical to the one that Brian bought for Nibble Brewing Co, so it was cool for him to get to see it hooked up and operational.

A Wee Bit Nibble…

Had a great time this weekend meeting Brian Lethcoe of Nibble Bit Tabby Brewing Company (also known as Nibble Brewing Company), based in Downtown Los Angeles.  Like us, Brian is still in the startup phase of operations, but he’s a bit further along in the process than we are at the moment.  Brian is focusing on the small batch production of traditional ales, and was kind enough to share a sample of his excellent and malty Irish Red Ale with me.  I can’t wait to see his tap handles popping up in the local beer bars of Los Angeles soon…Keep an eye out for them!

There is no doubt that starting a microbrewery is very hard work, but I have to say that it feels good, and is somehow reassuring, to meet a similar-minded brewer in the neighborhood, who is aiming for the same goal of a better beer scene in our home town.  It was also really great to have someone to commiserate with about the intensely bureaucratic process of starting ANY business in the City or County of Los Angeles.

I’m definitely looking forward to supporting him and following his story as he gets closer to an opening day.  I’m sure there will be some collaborative brews and adventures once we both get ourselves up and running.

Cheers to a better beer culture in LA!  It’s on its way!