Family Fun Day (…more cleaning)

Yes, there is LOTS of cleaning to do.  But cleaning is always more fun when you’ve got friends and family to boss around…I mean, to share the pain with you.

Here’s a few pictures of our latest day of cleaning.  The Brew Kettle and Hot Liquor Tank are nice and shiny now, so we’ve moved onto some of the fermenters.









Here’s my dad guiding me on the forklift as we raise one of the secondary fermenters up onto the cleaning blocks.  Check out the grime on the lower half of the tank.









It’s much easier to clean these things when they’re up on cinder blocks, especially the grimy underside.  In the background you can see that we still have several tanks to go…









It can’t be considered a sweatshop if it’s family, right?  Well…good thing they’ll work for beer!










How do you know when you’ve spent too much time on a hot summer day, toiling away on some grimy tanks?  Right about the time the guy in the space-suit shows up with a bottle of shiny-spray!  That’s when you get to go home.  Hooray!

Don’t worry though, more brewery hijinks coming soon…

Kettle Cleaning

This weekend we spent some time cleaning up our brew kettle.  After sitting in the same spot for 13 years in it’s former home, it developed a bit of grime and rust on the steel plate underneath the kettle.  This plate isn’t stainless, like the rest of the kettle, but it sits beneath the outer steam jacket and acts as a protective base-plate for the whole tank.

In the pictures below you’ll see that we lifted the kettle onto some concrete cinder blocks, so it would be easier to work underneath.  The first step is to get rid of the surface grime & rust with a wire brush, then treat it with a little phosphoric acid to remove the rust and mineral deposits, and re-condition the steel.


Steve working on the underside of the brew kettle

Steve working on the underside of the brew kettle






















Under kettle grime & rust

Under kettle grime & rust











I’ll post more pictures to show our progress on this later in the week.