Where to begin…

Sorry folks…I know it has been a long time since my last post updating our progress.  So much has been happening though…where to begin?


First of all I should give a shout out to the first annual LACABAL Craft Beer Festival that took place in Echo Park this past weekend.  It was a very well attended event with lots of great local (when possible) craft beers, food pairings, live music, and special guest speakers.  I was impressed by the turn-out and encouraged to see that there is a real demand for the existence of great craft beer in LA!  I can’t wait to pour our beers for everyone at the event next year.

As far as progress toward opening our doors, things have been a bit less than exciting over the last few weeks.  Back in March, I made a post about our conditional use permit being approved.  Well, 15 days later, at the end of the “appeal period” following the hearing, someone decided to appeal the decision of our approval.  Can you believe it?!  I know…I couldn’t either.

The person appealing is a co-owner of some of the industrial properties on our street, but not an occupant.  In fact this person doesn’t even live in this community, or in LA County!  Honestly, I’m not very worried about our decision being over-turned, but now that the appeal process has begun, we have to go through it and deal with all of the headaches and delays that it involves.

In other news, we are still dealing with the Health Department, and have an appointment to re-submit our plans on May 20th.  I’m hoping everything goes well, and that we can move on to the next step after that.

On a more positive note, we are getting ready to roll out our official website soon, and will also have some merchandise available in the coming weeks.  Yes, it may seem like we’re putting the cart before the horse by releasing merchandise before we release beer, but believe me…every little bit of revenue helps at this point – especially with the added costs of paying for rent while we wait for the appeal process to take its course.

As the old addage goes “Things will get harder before they get easier…”.  But, hang in there folks!  We’re closer now than ever before!