Company Info

Eagle Rock Brewery is dedicated to the production of unique artisanal beers using the best ingredients to promote the ongoing development of the beer community in Los Angeles.

As the first brewery with operations based in Los Angeles in over 60 years, we’re dedicated to the production of unique artisanal beers using the best ingredients to promote the ongoing development of the beer community in Los Angeles.

General Information

Our microbrewery is attached to our public tap-room, where fellow beer lovers can gather to relax, refresh, and enjoy our unique beers (no reservations needed). As we do not serve food, we encourage patrons to bring your own food or make a visit to the local food trucks/vendors that we have outside. Guests visiting our taproom need to be *21 and over to enter – no exceptions.

For general questions: It’s often easier for us to respond more quickly to email rather than voicemail, drop us a line at

We are now distributing through Stone, to order please call: 760-471-4999 ext: 1980 for the order desk. Cheers!

18 thoughts on “Company Info

  1. hey, I can’t wait! I’ll be checking back often…if you have an email list to notify us when you open, please put me on it. Thanks.

  2. I live in Eagle Rock/Glassell Park. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to riding my bicycle over, and “hanging” out in your tasting room. Reading about you today in the LA Times was like a dream come true. Thank you, and all the best.

  3. Always great to add a new watering hole in So.Cal. There aren’t enough breweries in the L.A. area. Hope everything is on shedule for you guys because I can’t wait to try out the new brews in December.

  4. I live in Glassell Park but have to tell people I live in Eagle Rock because nobody knows where the eff Glassell Park is! I can’t wait to drink your extremely-local brews and love supporting small businesses!

  5. Hey Jeremy, it was great to meet you last night at the Beer Wars event. Thanks for introducing yourself, we were thrilled to hear that a brewery will be opening around the corner from us! 😉 Let me know if you need any gardening/floral decor when you get closer to your opening, and we’ll keep an eye on your page so we’ll know when to show up for a beer tasting!

  6. Have heard about you guys for awhile now and really excited about your opening. If you have a mailing list I would love to be added to it. I “beer” tend at the CT Lounge in Eagle Rock and think its awesome that there’s gonna be some new beer being brewed locally. Looking forward to visiting you soon. Best of luck

  7. Many years ago in Hollywood there was a brew pub that had a ‘revolution’ theme to it. It was a block off of Hwd Blvd. I think it went out of business – is this the same company?

  8. Yes that was Gorky’s … an offshoot of the Gorky’s south of downtown (also defunct).

    Saw the vid piece on the LATimes website, and think your ‘education’ series is a great idea. do you have hours you can post here?

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