Staff Bottle Pick: October

To read more about what our staff pick bottles are all about, head here.

For October we’re starting fresh all over again with Ting Su; picking a beer for you.  And this month she choose for you:

Alesmith Brewing:  Evil Dead Red. From Alesmith’s site this beer is described as, “Vivid mahogany color, good head formation and retention. Rich, chewy, toasty, malty flavors perfectly balanced by a moderate hoppy bitterness. The aroma starts with a pleasant hop aroma followed by a nice malty sweetness. Well-rounded and well-balanced. Smooth, medium-bodied. Lush and rich on the palate with a semi-dry finish.”

Ting likes this beer because she says, “It’s made by Alesmith and they’re our homies, because our brewhouse came from them. Malty beers make me think of cold weather, because that’s what I crave more when it’s cold out…. and I love cold weather. But it’s a great beer because it has a good bit of hops to balance the huge malt flavors. ”

Bottles are available in the taproom now so stop by soon and take some home before they’re all gone!



Women’s Beer Forum: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!



This month’s women’s forum will be an extra special one because we’ll be teaming up with Keep A Breast Foundation to raise some funds for breast cancer awareness. We’ll have our friends from Craftsman BrewingAngel City BreweryGoose Island BrewingThe BrueryPizza Port Solana Beach, and Ladyface Ales bringing out some special beers. But wait – there’s more! We’ve got some special edition women’s forum glasses that you’ll get to take home with you.

The event will be on Wednesday 10/16/13 from 7p-9p. The cost will be $22 and includes some super special beers made by some of your favorite ladies in the beer industry, hang time with these amazing ladies, a flight sheet, a commemorative glass, and bragging rights that you spent the evening drinking for a cause (Because yes, for each of your pretty faces in attendance, I’ll be kicking some cash money over to Keep A Breast Foundation to support women’s health.)!

Worried about how much beer there will be? Have no fear, becauseJoe’s Pizza Truck will be there with some amazing eats to help soak up some of that beer. Also, Sweet E’s Bakery Truck will also be around to tempt your sweet tooth with some “pink-inspired” treats and will also be donating a portion of their proceeds to Keep a Breast!

What are you waiting for? RSVP soon!



Women’s Beer Forum: Summer Fun with the ladies from Drake’s


Hey ladies!

This month’s women’s forum is all about DRAKE’S BREWING! Some of the amazing ladies at Drake’s will be coming down to share their awesome beers with us. They’re making the trek from San Leandro to hang out, so you don’t wanna miss this!

But wait… there’s more! Because you should probably treat yourself to some delicious eats by The Flatiron Truck to have with the beers, so be sure to come hungry and thirsty.

The cost will be $14 and will include a flight of 5 amazing beers made by Drake’s Brewing, a flight sheet, an opportunity to hang out with the lovely ladies from Drake’s Brewing, and a great time with your favorite beer-drinking ladies!

Be sure to RSVP soon so that we can make sure that we get enough beer for all of youze! Looking forward to seeing y’all and hanging out with the lovely ladies from Drake’s!




Women’s Beer Forum: Kern River Brewing Company



I’m super excited to have a very special guest out for this month’s forum. Rebecca Giddens from Kern River Brewing Company (KRBC) will be joining us to present a flight of their amazing beers. Kern River makes some of the best beers out there and it’s owned by some of the coolest people I know, so you don’t wanna miss this!

Rebecca is one of the owners at KRBC and has some amazing stories to share about being an Olympian, a brewery owner, and a mom. I dunno how this fabulous lady does it all, but I can’t wait to find out. So be sure to come out and join me in learning about Rebecca and Kern River Brewing Company. 

The Women’s Beer Forum will take place on Wednesday 5/15/13 from 7pm-9pm. The cost to attend will be $15 and includes a flight of delicious KRBC beers, a flight sheet, and some quality time with your favorite beer-drinking ladies! Be sure to RSVP soon because space will be limited.

As usual, we will also have a food truck out that night so be sure to arrive both hungry and thirsty! Hope to see y’all there!



Women’s Beer Forum: Rye Sense of Humor


April Fools’ Day is always entertaining here at the brewery… everyone plays jokes for days. But the flight that I chose for this month is no joke. Come out and explore some super fun rye beers with me!

We’ll be using our fancy new glasses for the Women’s Forum! Miss out on the release of the glasses at our 2-year anniversary celebration last month? Have no fear, these lovely little glasses are still available for sale and a portion of the proceeds still goes to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC).

But wait… there’s more! Jill from Bangers & Smashed will be out here with a special menu developed especially to go with our rye beers! (And yes, she usually has a vegetarian option as well!). 

The event will be on Wednesday March 17, 2013 and will start at 7p. The cost will be $14 and includes a flight sheet, an amazing flight of beers, and some QT with your favorite female beer drinkers!

It’d be foolish to miss such a great time so be sure you come out for it! Hope to see y’all there!




Growler Follies

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write a blog post, but this recent hullabaloo over California growler laws is certainly a good reason to make some time for it!

Up until just recently everything seemed to be pretty cut-and dry here in California: Only brewers are allowed to fill growlers (with their beers only) and only into growlers that bear their approved labeling.  No exceptions.  Customers were frustrated at this but seemed to accept it with only a bit of grumbling.  Growlers were getting filled; brewers were selling beer; good beer was being consumed; people were happy (mostly).

Then, on February 12, 2013, things seemed to change.

That was the day that the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) held a workshop for its members at the University of California San Diego.  The title of this workshop was “Know Your ABC’s”, and the purpose was to educate California brewers on the regulations of the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), and to help those member brewers stay in compliance with those laws.  During the first part of this workshop Jacob Appelsmith, the Director of the ABC, made a statement to help clarify California growler laws.

I was at that workshop taking copious notes, and I will summarize his major points as follows:

  1. California law does not define the term “growler”.  Since a “growler” is a container used to contain beer, a growler is therefore considered a container, and is subject to the California laws that regulate beer packaging and labeling.
  2. Any “container” can be used as a growler.  Even a dirty old milk-jug – as long as it bears the approved labeling of the brewery filling it, and as long as any non-pertinent information is obscured.  (He also offered “…however, I don’t think any of you would want to put your delicious beer into a stinky old milk-jug…”)
  3. By California law, “growlers” are not required to be sealed after filling and prior to the customer leaving the brewery. However if a customer opens that container before leaving your brewery, and walks outside of your licensed premises with an open container, then your brewery will be in violation of the law for allowing that to occur.

As an example of the above points, Jacob offered up the suggestion that if someone presents a brewer with a growler jug from a different brewery, that brewer would be able to cover the pre-existing brewery’s labeling with a sticker, and that sticker could bear the approved labeling of the brewer filling that growler.  As long as all pertinent information from the previous brewery is obscured, AND as long as the new sticker is the approved labeling of the filling brewery, no laws are being broken.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  Well, that’s also what somebody thought who was in attendance at that workshop and posted some of those basic points.  The problem – and where things get tricky – is that they didn’t convey ALL of the information that was presented at the workshop, and didn’t seem to pay attention to the remainder of the points presented in that workshop.  Suddenly there were bits of growler-filling information flying around the inter-webs, that weren’t entirely accurate, and seemed to promise growler-filling freedom to everyone!

The problem is that nothing actually changed.  The beer-loving public was lead to believe that a switch had been flipped and suddenly they could bring any container into any brewery and have it filled.  Not so.

First, Jacob’s suggestion about the sticker solution to the growler-labeling problem was just a suggestion, and not something that every California brewery is able to execute or afford, nor that every California brewery agrees with.

Second, there are other legal issues that effect California brewers that were not mentioned in the data-storm of growler-fill misinformation swirling around the blog-o-shpere.

The next speakers at the “Know Your ABC’s” workshop were Lori Ajax, Director of Trade Enforcement for ABC, and Matthew Botting, General Counsel for the ABC.  These are very smart and very important people that dove into some of the details behind Jacob’s statement to further clarify this issue.  Here is a summary of their major points relating to growler fills:

  1. The ABC does not make laws.  The California State Legislature makes laws.  The ABC enforces those laws that relate to the control of alcoholic beverages.  If you want an alcohol-related law (i.e. growler filling) to be changed, you need to talk to your state legislators and work through the normal legislative process.
  2. Owning an ABC license to manufacture, distribute, or sell alcohol in California is a privilege, not a right.
  3. The California ABC Act Code is the section of California State laws that relate to the control of alcoholic beverages, and it is the responsibility of someone owning an ABC license to understand and abide by that code in its entirety.
  4. The ABC Act is a set of permissive laws.  This means that the ABC Act grants permission to act in a manner that is otherwise prohibited.  In other words, if you hold an ABC license you can only act in a manner permitted by the law.  If the law doesn’t specify that you can do something, then you can not do it!

This last point is perhaps the most important and probably the most misunderstood among the beer-loving public. And I suspect that this is the biggest point of contention as California beer drinkers becoming increasingly frustrated with their local brewers’ recent growler-filling policies.  This is completely understandable since, as members of a free, democratic society we’re used to dealing with laws that only prohibit us from doing things.  If a law doesn’t specifically prohibit us from doing something, we assume we are free to do it.

However, when you own an ABC license (remember it’s a privilege, not a right), you are suddenly held to a different standard.

Now, let’s get back to the issue at hand – the “clarified” growler-fill laws…

First, all of us California brewers are scrambling right now, trying to figure out how to proceed.  Every growler-filling beer lover out there is coming into our breweries with only a partial knowledge of the ABC laws that govern us, but a whole lot of entitlement and attitude that we have to fill their growlers from other breweries.  Although the ABC Act does allow for the filling of “growler” containers, no brewery is required to fill any container it doesn’t want to fill.

Second, no California brewers that I’m aware of have adjusted their approved growler labels based on Jacob Appelsmith’s recent statement.  In other words, no one has acted on Jacob’s suggestion about “growler-stickers” for obscuring old brewery information, and displaying new (and approved) brewery information.  And therefore, no brewer that I’m aware of is able to fill any container other than what they are already approved for.

Third, consider the different sizes and shapes of growlers out there.  As a brewer, am I expected to have different sized or shaped stickers for each growler size/shape?  Should I be expected to carry all manner of growler-lids or closures for those different sized/shaped growlers?

Legal matters aside, the most important consideration in this  current growler-filling issue is your relationship to your local brewer.  You really enjoy their beer, and you enjoy supporting their business.  You’re happy with the fact that they work extremely hard to bring you the freshest, most high-quality beer they possibly can.  They’re happy that you enjoy their beer and support all their efforts.  Everyone enjoys being part of a friendly and flourishing industry.

Every brewery is different and will have different policies.  Aside from their legal obligations, these are the policies that make sense to keep them in business and to keep the quality of the beers at the absolute optimum.  If your local brewer declines to fill your growler (bearing their approved label) because it is dirty – respect that decision.  Respect the beer.  Don’t leave your growler dirty, because it can lead to the beer quality in that growler to diminish very quickly.  (And when you review that beer on RateBeer or BeerAdvocate or another site, that will result in lower marks than that beer probably deserves…which would be your fault!).  Don’t expect your local brewer to fill your Nalgene container, or Camelbak.  These are not containers intended for packaging beer and (legal issues aside) will not preserve the quality of that beer in the way the brewer intended.  Again, respect the beer and respect the brewer.

Ultimately (and probably soon), I’m sure the brewers of California will come to a suitable solution to this growler-filling confusion.  For the time being, most brewers I know are staying with the status-quo in order to stay on the right side of the law.  Perhaps some California brewer will have an approved label configuration for other brewers’ growlers. Perhaps the State Legislature will pass a law further clarifying the growler-fill situation.  Until that time though – be patient, dear craft beer lovers – the brewers of California are just as confounded as you, but also have a lot more at risk.  We admire and support our fans just as much as they admire and support us.  At the end of the day, at least we can still share a pint together – whether or not that pint was poured from a growler, a bottle, or a keg!


For more reading on the growler situation, check out these links…

Women’s Beer Forum: 2 year anniversary!



How time flies! We’ve completed 2 years of monthly women’s forums and we’re celebrating with a good ol’ fashioned pizza party… but better!

First, we’ve created our very own Women’s Forum glassware! Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from sales of these glasses will be donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) to promote Women’s Health. The cool teal logo on the glass symbolizes our support of the cause and we’ll continue to donate all year round, so spread the word!

Now about the flight to celebrate this momentous occasion… Devon Randall, the head brewer at Pizza Port’s Solana Beach location is coming out to celebrate with us. And it only makes sense that we taste a flight of the AWESOME beers that she makes. Keep in mind that you typically have to go out to Pizza Port to get these beers, but Devon’s bringing them to us! Yay!! Since this beer is meant to be enjoyed with pizza, the Urban Oven Pizza Truck will be at the brewery to make sure that we get the full beer and pizza experience. So be sure to come hungry and thirsty!

The price for the forum will be $16 and will include an exclusive flight of beers, a flight sheet, a chance to meet Devon, and some QT with all your favorite ladies.

Need more convincing?? To celebrate the anniversary (and for this month only), you’ll get to keep the newly-designed glass (a portion of the proceeds will still be donated to NOCC)!

When is this PAR-TAY goin down? We’ll keep with tradition and it’ll be on the third Wednesday of the month, 3/20/13 from 7p-9p.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get it on your calendar and RSVP! Hope to see y’all there!


Women’s Beer Forum: Chillax with some BEER FLOATS!

Hey ladies!

It’s almost that time again, and it’s turning into a toasty warm summer…. which makes me think that it’s time for a cold treat! This month’s Women’s Beer Forum will be all about BEER FLOATS!

If you haven’t tried them before, you’ve been missing out. Yeah, yeah, I know that some of you may be thinking that it’s really weird or perhaps kinda gross. However, with the right flavor of ice cream and just the right style of beer, these are some pretty amazing combinations!

Come out for some beer floats this month and try it for yourself!  I’ll be working with a local ice cream maker to get the perfect combinations, but I’m thinking 4 flavors of ice cream, 4 beers and a great time with your favorite girl friends! It’s a sweet deal for just $18! Don’t miss it!

The event will be held at the brewery on Wednesday, 7/18/12, from 7p-9p. Please rsvp on the website so that I’m sure to get enough ice cream for all the girls. Hope to see y’all there!



Women’s Beer Forum: Field Trip!

Hey ladies!

I’m super excited to share the topic of the next Women’s Beer Forum! We’re taking our project out on the (old) town and taking over Kings Row in Old Town Pasadena.

I’ll be partnering up with Brady Weise, bartender extraordinaire from 1886 and Dog Haus, to present a flight of specialty cocktails that feature our favorite beverage… BEER! And no, it’s not going to be the nasty concoctions that often come to mind when people talk about beer cocktails, nor is it just a way to mask the true colors of the beer. You’ll have to check it out to taste Brady’s mastery of this art for yourself!

The crew over at Kings Row are kind enough to give us our own space in the pub and make their entire delicious menu available to order from, so be sure to arrive both hungry and thirsty!

The next women’s forum will be on Wednesday, June 20, and will start at 7p. The price of the event will be $20 and will include a flight of amazing cocktails, a flight sheet to tell you about what you’re drinking, an opportunity to watch Brady work his magic, and of course some QT with your favorite homegirls in an AWESOME gastropub.

Space is limited so be sure to RSVP soon! Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this one! Hope to see you all there!