What the f#&k is “Hanging w/ our Homies”?

This year we started a fun new event each month that we so kindly like to call, “Hanging w/ our Homies”. But maybe you’ve read that title and thought…. “what the eff is that?”

No worries… I’ll explain it to you.

2013-07-25 19.32.30

In the beer world we all have these very unique relationships called friendships. It’s a pretty mind-blowing concept in the world of business because we all love each other and want to support each others goals and build a community for you the consumer (whom we also consider our friends).


Photo via Friends of Local Beer

Because of that idea we started the “Hanging w/ our Homies”. Every fourth Thursday night of the month, we invite a brewery that we love into our taproom to share their beers and their love of beer with you. They take over 2-3 of our taps and some fridge space with their bottles and then stay to answer questions and share a pint with you. You can ask them how they make their beer, why they love beer or even what color underwear they have on. It’s up to you. But it’s a time we created so that we can all get together and celebrate what we love most. That beer stuff.


So come. Enjoy. Have a pint. Ask a question. Hug a brewer.

Every fourth Thursday.