Women’s Forum: 2 Year Anniversary Recap

Wow! Seriously two whole years of ladies drinking, learning about and enjoying beer has already passed us by. And because of the momentous occasion you know we celebrated big!

Curious what the Women’s Forum is all about? Check out more info here.

For this event we had Devon Randall; the head brewer of Pizza Port Solana Beach come out with five of her own brews for the ladies to taste and chat about. Devon is one fantastic chick rocking pink hair and making crazy delicious beers and any girl who can work her way to the top of the brewing food chain as fast as she did is excellent in our book.


Photo via San Diego Reader

Also special for our two year anniversary were our new Women’s Forum Snifter Glasses! Each glass has a cool teal ERB logo in the shape of the female symbol and a portion of the proceeds from these glasses is going to help support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. The NOCC exists to raise awareness and promote education about ovarian cancer. According to their mission statement on their website, the coalition is “committed to improving the survival rate and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer”. It’s a great organization and we’re happy to be able to contribute to their cause.

2013-03-20 17.41.37

2013-03-20 17.42.46

2013-03-20 17.44.17

2013-03-20 17.44.35

   2013-03-20 17.56.02

For our fabulous flight of five we tried Kashi Kronik (an Amber using all 7 Kashi grains), Ponto Pale Ale (a pale using Mosaic hops), Whale’s Tales Pale Ale (another pale but brewed with Rye), Swami’s IPA (Pizza Port’s iconic IPA that will soon be produced in their upcoming production facility) and finally Silky Heads (a wheat beer brewed with lemongrass). All beers can be found only at the Solana Beach location and are brewed by Devon.



Also joining us for the evening was the Urban Oven Pizza Truck, serving up individual-sized freshly baked pizzas to soak up our tasty flights.

2013-03-20 18.53.30

It was such a fantastic night and and even better past two years! We want to say thanks to all the ladies who have joined us throughout the past two years of forums and to Devon and many other awesome guest hosts who have helped make these forums extra special.  We hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve tasted and learned and maybe even made some new friends. We’re excited for the forums to come and we hope that you’ll join us! If you’d like to see what’s coming next, and make sure you get your RSVP in for the night, check out our info for the next forum here. But just remember…. every third Wednesday the ladies will be hanging in the brew house; talking beer.

2013-03-20 20.43.59

All of the ladies who attended the two year anniversary were able to take own that swanky snifter you saw above and over $150 from this night alone is being donated to the NOCC. If you’d like to purchase your own glass (and help contribute to the cause!) you still can! We’ll be selling these great glasses throughout the year in our taproom and online! And we can ship them for you too. So if you’ve got someone you think would love to have this be sure to get one today for just $7.


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