Staff Pick Bottles: March

To read more about what our staff pick bottles are all about, head here.

For March we decided to let our own Head Brewer; Erick Garcia pick a beer for you. Monk’s Stout is made by Brasserie Dupont in Belgium and is a Belgian Dark Ale that pours a dark cola-brown color. With aromas of clove and Belgian yeast spices amidst mild dry cocoa and coffee-like roasted malts this beer is a great one for enjoying with a group of friends. Says Erick about the beer, “it’s very different from many other belgians in that it’s not very yeasty. It’s a true stout with chocolatey flavor, while still extremely dry and drinkable. The flavors develop as it warms up and it turns out to be a very good malt showcase.”

Bottles are available in the taproom now so stop by soon and take some home before they’re all gone!


Erick Monks Stout

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