Meet the Team: Lee Bakofsky

We realize that many of you are awesome supporters of our brewery and most likely know everyone in our very small staff. BUT, for those of you that maybe haven’t seen all the faces here, and even for those of you who do…. we want to introduce you to each person. Maybe find out a few things you never knew and a bit more about what they enjoy outside of the brewing world.

So to continue the series we are going to introduce you to our production manager, mustache and ginger extraordinaire; Lee Bakofsky.


When asked the following questions, here were Lee’s short but sweet replies.

1] So what do you do here at Eagle Rock Brewery anyway?

Manage Packaging. Run the Meheen. Coordinate with our distributor. Clean lots of stuff. Pour beers in the taproom.

2] What’s your favorite activity outside of work?

Homebrewing. Cooking. Traveling for food and beer.

3] What your best memory from your time here at the brewery? Annnnnd Go!

Various exploding casks. Spraying beer on ceiling while refilling barrels. Etc…

4] What would be your desert island food and beer?

Whatever’s in the fridge I guess. Thank God the island has electricity!

5] Superpower you want to have?

Flying. Invisibility. Ability to stop time for everyone but me. Etc.

6] If money were no option and science didn’t matter; what kind of beer would you make?

Does the DEA exist in this fantasy land?

7] If you could get rid of all of the songs from a particular singer, whose would you delete and why?

The Beatles. Because they suck.

8] What’s the best place you’ve traveled and the strangest thing you saw while there?

Not sure yet,  jury is still out your Honor.

9] Top three favorite breweries (besides where you work) and why?

Kern. Alpine. Alesmith. Russian River. Because their beers are always delicious.

10] Where IS Waldo?

That’s what she said.

One thought on “Meet the Team: Lee Bakofsky

  1. Lee,

    I’m that dude at LA Beer Week was asking you where’s the Stimulus? Cheers man, rock on!! The Beattles are Dope.

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