Staff Pick Bottle: February: Round TWO

To read more about what our staff pick bottles are all about, head here.

Well we officially sold out of our staff pick bottle for this month, in the very first week, and so we’re going to pick again! We decided to let Bakofsky brother #2 pick the second one for February and he went with, Hair of the Dog: Doggie Claws. This beer (as described on their site) is a Barleywine made in the West Coast style with big malts and hops. Lee chose this bottle because he said it’s one of the first barleywines that introduced him to the style in a good way. This beer has rich dark fruit and fig flavor and is good for aging. The brewery is also cool because the beers are named after dogs and the packaging is well done. Overall it’s a great beer to try if you’ve never had a barleywine or if you love them already.  Stop by the taproom soon and grab yourself a bottle before they’re all gone!

Lee Doggie Claws

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