Staff Pick: Bottles

With so many choices of beer out there now; it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming to know what to try. If you’ve ever been to our taproom you know that not only do we offer take-home growlers for purchase and fills of our tasty beer but we also have a bottle fridge filled with our core brews, specialty bottles and many other options from breweries that we love.

But when faced with an array of choices such as this…. how does one decide? You can always ask the staff for their opinions as most of us have tried just about every bottle in that fridge or you can check out our “Staff pick”. The staff pick will be a bottle that someone on our staff is really loving this month and wants you to try too. It’s kind of going to be the easy pick, so to say, of a beer that is either new and exciting or classic and delicious for you to grab and take home to enjoy as well. Each pick will be labeled with the name of the staff member who chose it so if you happen to have any questions or want to know why they chose that particular beer; you’ll know who to ask!


We decided to kick this first month off with a bottle chosen by the first lady herself; Ting.

Ting chose Kern River Brewing Company’s “Winter Ale”.  Described on their site as, “A spicy rye Winter Ale that gets its kick from rye but has plenty of hops to balance out the malt”. Ting describes her choice as, “clean, well-balanced and hoppy. The hop character is a nice deviation from standard winter beers, which tend to be more sweet”.

Ting Winter Ale 2

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