Last-Minute Gifts!

If you are like me, you probably aren’t the best at buying gifts this time of year and getting them where they need to be on time. Whoops.

Well either way here are a few ideas for those last minute gifts that work for almost anyone on your list.

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“The Best Gift for ANYONE on your list, including yourself!”


Our giftcards are great because you can set the amount you want to give and you’re giving the gift of beer, fun and friendship. You can purchase these in our taproom or online.

“The Gift for the Glass Collector”


Our pint glasses are not only gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves) but they make the perfect gift at just $5/glass. With our “beer for the people” logo this pint is seriously perfect for ANY avid beer drinker. Like yourself perhaps?

“The gift for the less than perfect hair day, OR those that are hair challenged”


The Beanie. The easiest hat known to man. And ours just happens to come in TWO colors; complete with ERB logo and warming abilities. PLUS, it makes you look super cool. And it really is the best way to hide that head hangover you call not taking a shower today. Or yesterday. Hey, we get it. We’re there for ya.

“The gift for he/she who likes to drink at home (w/ or w/o friends)”

2012-11-05 17.51.26

Ahh, the growler. Man (or wo-man’s) ACTUAL best friend. How else would we be able to drink large quantities of delicious craft beer in your own home? Oh, AND bring it back to the brewery for MORE. Sure you can pick these up in our taproom. But did you also know you can buy them (empty) online and have them shipped to all your favorite people? They are indeed the best gift you can give this season.

“The best gift for the swag wearing fashionista”


Feeling a little chilly with all the dark clouds in the sky? Then our ERB hoodie is most definitely for you. You’ll be warm and cozy while looking boss and with your hood you will definitely be shielded from that cold wet stuff that keeps falling from the sky.

There are many other gifts to shop for in our taproom and online so be sure to stop in or check it out HERE if you need those last minute gifts. If you shop online we can ship your gifts for you. Sooooo easy.

You can also throw together a gift “basket” of sorts with maybe a homebrewing book (sold in the taproom), pint glass, bottle of barrel-aged Jubilee (also sold in the taproom) and giftcard and you’ll definitely score points with that “special someone”. The possibilities are endless.

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Movember (before & after)

Welp. It happened.

We (and by that I mean anyone with male hormones and the ability to grow facial hair) grew out our lovely facial hairs and then this last Friday night (Nov 30th) we shaved them ALL off in the name of Movember.

First of all we couldn’t have done it without the help of Bolt Barbers. Thanks for coming out and making those faces babies again.


2012-11-30 16.16.07


Our crew took one last photo as the way you know and love them.

2012-11-30 16.20.51


And then they were off! First up were of course the father/son duo: The Raub men!

2012-11-30 18.14.022012-11-30 17.54.26

Next up was our very own resident Chef Jerry Su,  Todd Peterson and Mark Jilg of Craftsman brewery.

2012-11-30 18.41.372012-11-30 19.42.242012-11-30 19.16.45

Then it came time for the big decision…..

Which brewer was going to lose their long beloved facial whiskers?

Time to draw some straws and just for fun; poll the crowd.

2012-11-30 18.53.48

The straws and the audience don’t lie. The winner (or whisker loser) in both rounds was…..

2012-11-30 18.47.34

LEE ROY!!!! Bahahaha! Whatever will he do without his trusty Lorax ‘stache? And just like the good friends they are, Andrew and Eric also decided to join in and lose their hair for solidarity (mmmm. not our beer, but the brotherhood).

And so they entered the Bolt airstream to once again become teenage boys.

2012-11-30 20.21.262012-11-30 20.23.372012-11-30 22.15.07

Don’t they look like dapper young dudes? Tee-hee.

We really love our boys and their willingness to participate in such a great cause. Also we want to thank everyone who came out and donated, shaved or just even supported us in this great cause. If you are sad that you missed out and still want to add a contribution you still CAN! Just head to our group page and feel free to donate until December 9th. Thanks so much again for helping us raise over $1,300. We’re excited to have participated in this event and geared up already for next year!

And now I’ll leave you with our awesome regulars and their transformations! Thanks to Jeff, Tim, Dan and others for getting shaves!

2012-11-30 19.59.402012-11-30 22.01.02