Black Friday is coming…

I’m sure everyone is pretty aware at this point in their lives that the long lines of tents that start popping up around the electronic megastores are for the infamous “BLACK FRIDAY”. Now if getting up über early Friday morning to swarm through mobs of people for that amazing deal is worth your post-turkey day energy…. then seriously more power to ya.

But we here at Eagle Rock Brewery prefer the ease of shopping for all those gifts (and honestly goodies for ourselves) the comfortable and fun way… Sitting in our PJs, eating a day-after turkey sandwich (mmmmmm…..) and surfing the deals ONLINE!

So this year we decided that if you are like us you probably want to shop for your ERB goods the way we would. Thus our very first ….



That’s right. We are having a one-day ONLY sale in our online shop. Starting Friday morning (midnight o’clock) everything in our shop will be up for grabs at 10% off it’s normal price! All you have to do is add all your favorites to your shopping cart and then upon checkout enter the special code: “BLACKFRIDAY” to receive your discount. It couldn’t be easier to buy your favorite t-shirt or stock up on some extra growler bottles.

(Side note: growler bottles make GREAT gifts for people who live in CA and LOVE ERB beer and also great gifts for people who live outside of CA and can fill ANY growler at any brewery. Since these come empty your friend can fill them with any beer they desire)

Here are a few of the great items you can purchase:

Gorgeous Growlers
(available in 1L or 2L)

(perfect for those holiday beers)

Trucker Hat
(a little swag for your bed head)

And of course…. much much more.

Head over to  now and pick out all your favorites. Then on Friday (November 23rd) wake up from your food coma and shop for all your holiday or just regular beer swag needs. The sale will go ALL DAY and will end at midnight.

Get your shop on and support your favorite brewery in the process~

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