ERB Staff Field Trip

Last month we decided to take a very rare FULL day off to go on a little staff field trip (ie, tours of some of our favorite neighborhood breweries).

We began the day with a little breakfast action and of course coffee from our friends at Intelligentsia and then we were on our way (courtesy of our driver for the day: Mustache Rides)

First stop on the trip was  Craftsman. We sampled their plum sour, took a look at the progress of the new bottling line and enjoyed hearing about their  barrel-aging process. I mean take a look at their serious sized barrels!

The next stop was El Segundo Brewery where we double-fisted their Tw0-five-left Double IPA and Hyperion Double Stout. They also showed us around the brewhouse and joined us for our next stop: LUNCH at Rock’n’Brews! El Segundo has a taproom about the size of ours and are some of the nicest people ever. And Rock’n’Brews is an indoor/outdoor space with a tap-list that you can access from your phone, food and music videos playing from back when MTV still had music.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Part Two continued soon! Stay tuned!


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