Women’s Beer Forum: Celebrating American Craft Beer

Hey ladies!

The women’s beer forum at the brewery is on Wednesday 5/16/12 this month.

It’s American Craft Beer week from 5/14/12-5/20/12 and we’re celebrating by paying homage to the breweries that helped to shape the current craft beer culture in America. Come explore and discuss some of the beers that taught America that beer can not only have a whole lot of flavor, but also push the boundaries of traditional styles to create a whole new spectrum of flavors.

We’re celebrating beers that, in true American style, pushed the envelope to allow for the recent explosion in new styles, reinterpretations of tradition, and refreshingly unique products. We wouldn’t be here (and your palates wouldn’t have been as happy) if not for the trailblazers in the craft beer industry, so come out and celebrate!

We’ll have a woman-owned food truck out here as usual, so be sure to come hungry and thirsty.

We’ll start at around 7p. The cost will be $14 and will include a flight of beers, a flight sheet, a little bit of craft beer education, and a whole lot of time with your favorite girlfriends. Hope to see you all there!




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