Women’s Beer Forum: Bieres de champagne

Hello ladies!

It’s nearly time for the next Women’s Beer Forum and in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ll be presenting an entire flight made in the traditional Methode Champanoise! What does that mean you ask? They’re champagne-style beers which are fermented twice, and generally aged in the bottle, to give them a crisp dry finish and the tingle on the palate of the tiny bubbles that we love so much in our champagnes. This relatively involved process, makes for very special and delicious beers, which are both rare to find and generally very expensive to come by.

These are not typical beers in this flight, so you’re in for a treat! Come and join me in a rare opportunity to taste 4 of these very special bieres de champagne.

The event will take place at the brewery on Wednesday, 5/18/2011, at 7:30p. The cost will be $15 for this flight of rare beers. Please RSVP on our website so that we’re sure to have enough of these bottles to go around. Looking forward to sharing these little gems with you ladies!

We’ll have another female-owned food truck, Almoosal, to serve up some delicious eats to soak up our beers, so be sure to arrive both thirsty and hungry!



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