First Batch Released!

Hey y’all.  Just wanted to make a quick mention that our first beer will be released tonight at the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park!  Come join us in celebrating with a pint of Solidarity, our Black Mild Ale.

Funny name, you say?  Well, look it up and maybe things will start to make sense.  For us it seemed apropos, given the bureaucratic battles we had to fight to bring the people of Los Angeles their own microbrewery.

Well, back to work cleaning kegs…See you all tonight, and thanks again for all your support and words of encouragement.  Cheers!!!

4 thoughts on “First Batch Released!

  1. Solidarity … got that right away on Saturday night Jeremy. Being Polish and all, it all fell into place pretty quick. Great Mug Club event on Saturday and looking forward to seeing you guys all again tonight. Congratulations on finally getting past that last hurdle. Now to remove those bastards nearby and break through that ribbon at the end of the line.

  2. I read about you guys in the LA Times a while back and have been waiting to try out your beer. I’ll definitely roll by tonight. Are there going to be any First Batch shirts?

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