Yes, it’s a rock…

I’ve recently been perusing the blogs about Eagle Rock Brewery and can’t express my gratitude for the amount of great press and positive reviews about our beers that we’ve had since starting this business venture. It’s been a very long road and we are ecstatic that the silver lining in the cloud that’s been hovering over this project is now very real. One thing that has struck me as very amusing though is the negativity that some people seem to express in the name of the business… After all this time of fighting to get Los Angeles on the map as a proper beer city, it seems trivial that there is so much stink about the name. We hadn’t paid it much mind in the past, but as it has since generated some pretty heated debates, here’s the skinny…

The story? When this brewery was but a twinkle in Jer’s eye, I had decided that I wanted to help him realize his dream of brewing on a professional level. I initiated the process by getting a DBA (Doing Business As) license for Eagle Rock Brewery. Some of the original ideas while brainstorming included having a local landmark used in our logo artwork. The actual eagle rock itself is an historic-cultural monument that represents NE Los Angeles, where in my humble opinion, the movement toward putting Los Angeles on the beer map has really taken hold. This rock happens to overlook the Eagle Rock neighborhood that is it’s namesake. That being said, this monument to the region struck me as an appropriate homage to the local community (in it’s entirety) and we dove into the process which has since been painstakingly documented in this blog. Yes, this entire process has been about bringing together a community around a common interest… good beer.

I suppose that you can’t please everyone, but it saddens me to see how much displeasure the name of the brewery can bring to people. After all, aren’t we all in it for the greater good of making Los Angeles a beer destination? With all the talk about being proud about Glassell Park and making it a better community, it seems like such debate over the name just perpetuates the turf-wars that cause the problems that had given GP such a bad reputation in the first place. So don’t hate, can’t we just all get along and have a beer?

First Batch Released!

Hey y’all.  Just wanted to make a quick mention that our first beer will be released tonight at the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park!  Come join us in celebrating with a pint of Solidarity, our Black Mild Ale.

Funny name, you say?  Well, look it up and maybe things will start to make sense.  For us it seemed apropos, given the bureaucratic battles we had to fight to bring the people of Los Angeles their own microbrewery.

Well, back to work cleaning kegs…See you all tonight, and thanks again for all your support and words of encouragement.  Cheers!!!