The Long and Winding Road…

Hello out there in blog land!  You’re probably wondering what on earth is going on over at Eagle Rock Brewery that they haven’t blogged in over a month.  Or maybe you’re not wondering at all…Either way, I know that everyone is getting very very thirsty, and probably a bit impatient.

Yes, it is true that we haven’t blogged in over a month, but suffice it to say that we’ve been extremely busy getting the brewhouse completely finished and ready for brewing.  In just the last 4 weeks, I’ve discovered new levels of pain and exhaustion, and a level of stress that I never knew existed.  Insanity was only the beginning.

Well, my friends, the waiting is finally almost over.  This morning I picked up our final license from the Health Department, which means that we are now officially and legally allowed to start making beer at Eagle Rock Brewery!

Today and tomorrow will be spent purchasing ingredients and planning our first brew session, and then the first brew will take place sometime before the end of the week.

Well, that’s all the energy I can muster for now.  More updates and pictures to come soon…Hang in there friends…we’re almost there!

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