Going Up (pt.3)

Things are good.  The construction phase is still moving along at a lightning fast pace, and its amazing to watch our brewery space come into reality all around me on a daily basis.  Everyday seems to be busier than the last though, and yesterday was no exception…which means I didn’t even have time to post new pictures…doh!

Ok, I’ll just cut to it then, and post yesterday’s pics.  Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on today’s photos tomorrow…

Loading Area_01

The loading area gets framed up.  That doorway in the background will be our access for the forklift to bring pallets of malt, etc into the brewhouse.


The other side of the loading area wall (which would be the tasting room)

Bar Area_02

The high walls in the tasting room get framed.

Bar Area_01

More of the tasting room, with the framing for the ceiling soffit (above the bar).


And here we’re looking at the doorway to the warehouse (in the brewery area), where malt, etc will be stored.  We were also able to get drywall up on one side of some of the framed areas.


Brewgyver even stopped by to help install the new HVAC ducts in the brewhouse area.  Quite a multi-talented guy!


Almost finished.  This was at about 11:30 last night, which made for a very long day for both of us…

Ok, off to bed now…construction meeting at 6am tomorrow and another long, busy day after that.  But, that will bring us one day closer to our opening day, so it will all be worth it!

4 thoughts on “Going Up (pt.3)

  1. Can’t wait! I went back through the blog and read about the Lemongrass Wit Beer and the XPA…I’m so looking forward to the opening, it sounds like you guys are doing things right.

  2. hi, info is invaluable to me as l am setting up my own 5brl micro in south africa and knowledge is what l need as l am manufacturing it myself

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