Going Up (pt.2)

I know it probably won’t be long before the stress-induced headaches and beaucratic slow-downs resume, but for now, we’re moving along at a really good pace, and I have to say I’m enjoying the hell out of it!  It really feels great!!!

Here’s some pictures of today’s progress…which in my mind was pretty significant…

Outside Trench_09

The first thing you might notice is that the trench in the parking lot is all filled up and ready for some new asphalt.   Awesome.


An early morning shot as the insulation starts to go up in the brewhouse area…


And a shot in the afternoon, after most of the insulation was intstalled.  Awesomer.

Framed Loading Door

This is looking out toward the “loading area”, from the brewhouse, looking at the doorway between the two spaces.  All framed up and ready for drywall.


And here is the framed-up area that will become our “warehouse space” (or malt storage room).  The next shot was taken a few hours later, after all of the exterior surfaces of the room were skinned with drywall.  Yes indeed, I know it looks good!


Ok, so this is a shot is looking at the warehouse from the reverse angle (from the tasting room area).  You can see how the interior wall of the hallway has also been skinned with drywall.

Tasting Room_01


And here we are looking down that same hallway that will lead to the restrooms and janitor closet.

Cold Box_02

Here is a shot of the guys working on the Cold Room early this morning…

Cold Box_03

And here it is in the afternoon.  Basically everything is complete structurally, but they still need to install the refrigeration unit do a few clean-up tweaks.

So that’s it for today.  Lots of progress, and hopefully lots more tomorrow…Cheers to that!!!!

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