Covering Pipes

Whew!  I’ve been so busy the last couple days that I couldn’t find the time to post an update to our progress.  We finally got our insurance thing sorted out though, and we passed our rough plumbing inspection for the underground pipe.  That means we were able to cover the new, exposed pipes and prepare for the concrete to be poured back.

Covered Pipe_01Here you can see everything covered up with sand as we get ready for the concrete pour.

Covered Pipe_02

Below, left is more of the same, looking at where our 3-compartment sink will be in the brewhouse area.

Covered Pipe_06And below, right is the trench in our parking lot after filling it back in with sand and dirt.

All of this basically happened on Wednesday, and so today we prepared the forms for the curb and trench drain, to get ready for the concrete pour on Friday morning.  This afternoon the building inspector showed up to check the concrete forms and the trench drain, which he has to do before we can pour, but we passed with flying colors!  Now everything is set for tomorrow morning when the concrete trucks arrive, and we start to pour our brewery floor.  Finally! 😀


Here is the form for the curb in the brewhouse.

Angle Iron_CU

This is the angle iron that will sit on top of the trench drain and support the grate that cover the trench.  And below you can see it in place on the trench form.

Trench Form Ready

Wire Mesh_01

Laying out the wire mesh where the concrete will be poured.

Ready to Pour
And here is the finished, prepped area, ready for the pour!

Tired, but happy…Now I’ve got to go get some rest before another busy day tomorrow.

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