I guess I was being optimistic to think we would pass our very first inspection…but we didn’t.  I should have known better than to think we were past the red-tape phase.

So, the inspector had a few minor changes to our layout, but the most annoying of the bunch was really just a technicality involving insurance.  I had pulled the permits with our General Contractor (who has his own insurance) but since he wasn’t doing most of the plumbing work, they wanted to have the plumber under the GC’s insurance.  Either that, or they wanted to have the permits under the plumber’s name (since he also has his own insurance).  The solution was to simply transfer the permit to the plumber.  Of course this extra step involed an additional fee, but would you honestly expect anything less from our good city?

So here we are again, with an appointment for a rough plumbing inspection set for sometime tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll pass this time.  I really want to get rid of all this dirt, and pour back the concrete soon!

3 thoughts on “Doh!

  1. That’s a huge bummer dude. I’m sure when this is all over you’ll look back at this and laugh. Good luck on the next inspection!

  2. Hey Kip, define “laugh.” Is that laugh as in “wow, that was all just the most humourous thing I’ve ever heard?” Or is it laugh as in, “Thank the beer Gods all of that crap is finally over and we have been able to start doing what we do best: brew great beers for the public to enjoy?”

    I know it’s the latter, but this process is hellish enough to keep most people from doing it. Huge kudos to Steve and Jeremy for getting this far along, and for what we all know will soon be a GREAT Grand Opening party!

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