Going Up (pt.4)…and Catching Up

Catching up indeed!  We’ve been working at a fast and furious pace for the last couple weeks and it has been a real challenge to find the time to post.  Things are looking really great though and, as you’ll see below, it’s getting easier to visualize the finished space.Vestibule Frame_01

This picture of the framing around our vestibule was taken just a few days after my last post.  The one on the right was taken on the same day, but looking back toward the entry door from the seating area.

Vestibule Frame_02The next two pictures were also taken on the same day and show the completed framing around the bar area.  In some of these pictures you’ll see the occasional tank or two…Since everyone was working so quickly, we had to move the tanks around quite a bit to keep them out of the way of the scissor lifts and ladders.

Bar Framed_02

It’s hard to believe that all of this framing happened in just a few days, but it just shows what a great construction team we have!  Actually, most of the guys on our team usually work on high-rise building projects, so our little brewery project must seem like a walk in the park for them…Bar Framed_01

The next picture is a view of our loading area, where we’ll bring pallets of raw materials in, and send pallets of beer out.  You’ll also notice that one side of the drywall has already been hung on these walls.  This helped to move things along quickly so that the grid for our drop-in ceiling could start to be hung on the other side of the drywall.

Loading Area_02The picture below is a look into the brew house from the tasting room, showing the framing for our door and window.Window Frame

Jumping ahead about a week (to sometime last week), we finished installing all of the electrical and plumbing work inside the walls pictured above, passed our rough inspections on those trades, insulated the walls, and finished hanging the drywall.  Yep…all in about one week. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I guess I’ve spent enough time describing the above photos, so I’ll just post a bunch more below, and spare the descriptions…

Entry_InsulationTasting Room DW

Hallway DWLoading Area DW_01

Tasting Room_MuddedBar_Mudded

Ceiling Tiles_02Jer Bar_01

Equip Placement_04Steve Jer Tanks_01

Going Up (pt.3)

Things are good.  The construction phase is still moving along at a lightning fast pace, and its amazing to watch our brewery space come into reality all around me on a daily basis.  Everyday seems to be busier than the last though, and yesterday was no exception…which means I didn’t even have time to post new pictures…doh!

Ok, I’ll just cut to it then, and post yesterday’s pics.  Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on today’s photos tomorrow…

Loading Area_01

The loading area gets framed up.  That doorway in the background will be our access for the forklift to bring pallets of malt, etc into the brewhouse.


The other side of the loading area wall (which would be the tasting room)

Bar Area_02

The high walls in the tasting room get framed.

Bar Area_01

More of the tasting room, with the framing for the ceiling soffit (above the bar).


And here we’re looking at the doorway to the warehouse (in the brewery area), where malt, etc will be stored.  We were also able to get drywall up on one side of some of the framed areas.


Brewgyver even stopped by to help install the new HVAC ducts in the brewhouse area.  Quite a multi-talented guy!


Almost finished.  This was at about 11:30 last night, which made for a very long day for both of us…

Ok, off to bed now…construction meeting at 6am tomorrow and another long, busy day after that.  But, that will bring us one day closer to our opening day, so it will all be worth it!

Going Up (pt.2)

I know it probably won’t be long before the stress-induced headaches and beaucratic slow-downs resume, but for now, we’re moving along at a really good pace, and I have to say I’m enjoying the hell out of it!  It really feels great!!!

Here’s some pictures of today’s progress…which in my mind was pretty significant…

Outside Trench_09

The first thing you might notice is that the trench in the parking lot is all filled up and ready for some new asphalt.   Awesome.


An early morning shot as the insulation starts to go up in the brewhouse area…


And a shot in the afternoon, after most of the insulation was intstalled.  Awesomer.

Framed Loading Door

This is looking out toward the “loading area”, from the brewhouse, looking at the doorway between the two spaces.  All framed up and ready for drywall.


And here is the framed-up area that will become our “warehouse space” (or malt storage room).  The next shot was taken a few hours later, after all of the exterior surfaces of the room were skinned with drywall.  Yes indeed, I know it looks good!


Ok, so this is a shot is looking at the warehouse from the reverse angle (from the tasting room area).  You can see how the interior wall of the hallway has also been skinned with drywall.

Tasting Room_01


And here we are looking down that same hallway that will lead to the restrooms and janitor closet.

Cold Box_02

Here is a shot of the guys working on the Cold Room early this morning…

Cold Box_03

And here it is in the afternoon.  Basically everything is complete structurally, but they still need to install the refrigeration unit do a few clean-up tweaks.

So that’s it for today.  Lots of progress, and hopefully lots more tomorrow…Cheers to that!!!!

Going Up (pt.1)

Lots of things going up this week.  Today the Cold Room started to be assembled and some of the framing for our walls started to be installed too.  Things are finally starting to move quickly, and I have to say it feels pretty damn good!

So here’s a few shots of our progress today…

Cold Room_01


Cold Room_02

Three walls of the Cold Room….


Framing is completed on the wall that forms the hallway to the bathrooms.


Even Ting is going up…What can I say?  Not only do I have a fantastic and supportive wife (who also happens to be a very skilled beer judge), but she also knows how to drive a scissor lift!  I guess I’m a lucky guy…

That’s all for now…more progress tomorrow…

The Big Pour

Yes!  Hell yes!  Today we poured the concrete for our brewhouse floor and covered up the trenches and new sewer lines.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to get this step out of the way.  In fact, it feels somehow symbolic…like we’re cementing this brewery into reality.

I wish I had more pictures of the process to share, but I was doing a lot of running around today, and could only snap a few shots as I was running in and out.  One other thing I should mention is that we also passed our rough water and gas-line inspections today, so we will be able to install our cold-room in front of those pipes on Monday, as scheduled.  One more thing to celebrate!


Here’s our hard working crew, getting the job done.

Waiting for Truck

And here’s a shot of our almost-poured brewhouse floor, as we wait for the next truck to hook up to the pump.

Curb Poured_01

And a bit later, after part of the form was removed from our curb.

Remove Forms_02

Here’s a look at the final product as the guys remove the forms from the trench drain.

Bar Poured

And lastly, here’s a nice shot of the tasting bar location.  Ahhh…the sounds of sweet, sweet progress.  I will definitely drink to that!  Who’s with me?

Covering Pipes

Whew!  I’ve been so busy the last couple days that I couldn’t find the time to post an update to our progress.  We finally got our insurance thing sorted out though, and we passed our rough plumbing inspection for the underground pipe.  That means we were able to cover the new, exposed pipes and prepare for the concrete to be poured back.

Covered Pipe_01Here you can see everything covered up with sand as we get ready for the concrete pour.

Covered Pipe_02

Below, left is more of the same, looking at where our 3-compartment sink will be in the brewhouse area.

Covered Pipe_06And below, right is the trench in our parking lot after filling it back in with sand and dirt.

All of this basically happened on Wednesday, and so today we prepared the forms for the curb and trench drain, to get ready for the concrete pour on Friday morning.  This afternoon the building inspector showed up to check the concrete forms and the trench drain, which he has to do before we can pour, but we passed with flying colors!  Now everything is set for tomorrow morning when the concrete trucks arrive, and we start to pour our brewery floor.  Finally! 😀


Here is the form for the curb in the brewhouse.

Angle Iron_CU

This is the angle iron that will sit on top of the trench drain and support the grate that cover the trench.  And below you can see it in place on the trench form.

Trench Form Ready

Wire Mesh_01

Laying out the wire mesh where the concrete will be poured.

Ready to Pour
And here is the finished, prepped area, ready for the pour!

Tired, but happy…Now I’ve got to go get some rest before another busy day tomorrow.


I guess I was being optimistic to think we would pass our very first inspection…but we didn’t.  I should have known better than to think we were past the red-tape phase.

So, the inspector had a few minor changes to our layout, but the most annoying of the bunch was really just a technicality involving insurance.  I had pulled the permits with our General Contractor (who has his own insurance) but since he wasn’t doing most of the plumbing work, they wanted to have the plumber under the GC’s insurance.  Either that, or they wanted to have the permits under the plumber’s name (since he also has his own insurance).  The solution was to simply transfer the permit to the plumber.  Of course this extra step involed an additional fee, but would you honestly expect anything less from our good city?

So here we are again, with an appointment for a rough plumbing inspection set for sometime tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll pass this time.  I really want to get rid of all this dirt, and pour back the concrete soon!