Beer Wars Event

Attended the Beer Wars live premier at UCLA last night, the reception, and the subsequent after-party at Blue Palms…whew, what a night!

Personally, I found the event well put together and the film a great addition to the craft brewing world. Yes, it was a bit long and made me dangerously thirsty by the end of it. It also didn’t necessarily convey any ground breaking revelations, especially to the seasoned vets of the industry, but I still found it informative and more importantly accessible. After all, if it’s all about getting the conversation started, it was a great success. Just look at all the reviews and posts that went up today…but read this one first 😉

Certainly one can find the film lacking in one way or another, and there is controversy over the selected talent, but I think the film did what it set out to do. Regardless of the intentions, this movie may not necessarily appease all the old warhorses of the industry, but it will be palatable for the novices of the industry. Craft beer is still a relatively niche audience and to get a conversation going that will be big enough to inspire change will to require the support of the general public. Some of the most active conversationalist, as well as new age beer advocates, are college students. With the “fight the man” sort of tone, Beer Wars should appeal to that demographic. Not to mention that Ben Stein hosted the Q&A session after the screening, which I’m sure will be a feature on the DVD.

Ben Stein moderated in his typical sarcastic stoner demeanor, which is not for all to appreciate, and added some entertainment value. The discussion was mostly a recap of the movie, but there were gems to be had. Kudos to Rhonda for responding to Todd’s comments about Moonshot the way she did. Also, two thumbs up for the set designer that put the stage together.
Overall, it was a pleasurable experience and a real treat to see industry leaders getting together in that way. Hats off to Anat and all the talent for making it happen. Hopefully it will be a catalyst for change in the beer industry as a whole. Perhaps a feature film starring an aspiring brewer that has to overcome the gauntlet of politics, oppression, and funding to realize his/her dreams is the next stop on this freedom train. ERB is accepting script proposals…and donations 😛

So, in true Beer Wars spirit, let the conversation begin. Beer for your thoughts? Leave ‘em below.

2 thoughts on “Beer Wars Event

  1. Totally agree. Not much new, but an enjoyable movie anyway. Loved the Todd vs. Rhonda moment of the panel discussion, but found her story more sad than inspiring – at what point do you give up on your dream if it is destroying all you have left?

    I wish more people were profiled, rather than showcasing Sam and Rhonda throughout the film.

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