Hurry Up and Wait…

After the emotional high of last week (getting our Conditional Use Permit approved), I was hoping to get another boost this week with a plan-approval from the Health Department. But alas, *sigh* no such luck.

I was able to speak with one of the plan checkers though, and they told me we should be getting a response from them early next week.  Apparently there are only 3 sets of plans on the shelf in front of ours, and the work of reviewing those plans is divided between two people.  However, after running this statement through my handy “Bureaucratic Translator” I discovered that the reality looks more like 2-3 weeks.  Luckily I have some experience at this waiting game, and I know just how to handle it.  What’s the secret?  It’s simple…Bug the holy hell out of them with lots of friendly phone calls!  What’s that you say? …Oh…yes, I’ll hold…

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