Busy week!

…So busy that I forgot to mention that we submitted our applications and plans to the Health Department on Friday of last week!  Aside from writing out another check, the actual process of submitting the plans was pretty painless.  Because we plan to have both a “retail area” (the bar) as well as a “wholesale processing area” (the brewery), we needed to submit two separate applications and two separate sets of plans (one for each area).  This isn’t really a big deal, except that each separate area also requires a separate application fee.  Yes, those clever bureaucrats, have figured out even more ways to siphon off those hard earned dollars from out of our pockets.  Don’t act so surprised…

The County says it typically takes 20 days to process applications, so hopefully we’ll have our plans approved around the same time the City fianlly schedules our public hearing.  I’m hoping everything goes smoothly.  The architects did a great job preparing our plans though, and went over all the Health Department codes with a fine-tooth comb, so I can’t imagine a big list of corrections coming back to us.

Oh, that reminds me…here are the 3-D view plans I had mentioned in my previous post.  These are full-page PDF files, so I’ll just link to them below, and the last one is another overhead view of the floor plan.






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