Waiting for The Man

Hit the ground running in 2009. That was the plan and, well, it’s kinda working out.  Except of course for the fact that we’re still waiting for the City to “process” our application.  What I mean by “process” is that our application is now sitting on a shelf and waiting in a line to be scheduled for a public hearing.  Seriously.  All we’re waiting for is the ONE person who does this scheduling for the City (yes ONE person for the whole city) to pickup our file and mark a date on the calendar for the hearing.  Pretty crazy, huh?

Anyway, nevermind the snarky tone because things ARE still moving forward, albeit slowly.  This afternoon I’m meeting with the architects to make the final tweaks on the construction plans.  I should have a finalized plan that I can post in a few days, and then hopefully in a week or so we can submit all of our plans to the Health Department.  I’m hoping that once we finally get our CUB (alcohol permit) approved, we’ll also have our approvals from the Health Deptartment.  The final step will then be to get the building permits from the Dept of Building and Safety, and then eventually start construction!

I know it seems like this waiting will never end, but I’ve been trying to start multiple processes at the same time, to sort of consolidate the many long waiting periods.  Actually, one of the advantages of having the economy be so slow right now (if you can call it an advantage) is that virtually nobody is starting new building projects right now.  Because of this, I hear that the process for acquiring building permits is happening in record time!

Hmm…I guess I didn’t really say much of importance in this post.  Oh well…maybe ranting somehow eases the stress of waiting…

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