Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a nice feast of turkey and fixins (paired of course with appropriate beers).  We smoked a big leg of pork, which paired really well with our Black Mild.  And the herb-roasted turkey we made paired nicely with the malty Thanksgiving Dubbel we brewed a few weeks ago.

Just before the holidays hit we had a little bit of good news from the Planning Department regarding our application for an alcohol permit.  The gentleman who was performing our environmental review notified us that he had finished our file, and there were no major problems.  He did make a few recommendations which we’ll have to incorporate into our building plans, such as low-flow bathroom faucets (with automatic shut-offs), low-flow toilets, etc.  Also, since we’re very close to the Glendale Freeway, we’ll need to install high-efficiency air filters to keep the dirty freeway air out of our building.

Now we just have to wait for a 30 day public comment period before our file is handed over to the zoning administrator, who will then schedule a public hearing.  The City is estimating mid-January for our public hearing, so hopefully they don’t delay us any further and we can open our doors in early spring of next year.

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