More Equipment (pt.1)

Yesterday I took one more trip to San Diego to pickup the remainder of the equipment we purchased from Alesmith.  This time it was a small load, so I was able to do it all with my 4-Runner and a small U-Haul trailer.  Two pumps, a filter, and a big old-school scale.  Not terribly exciting for some people…but here’s a few pictures anyway.  Also, on Monday our bottling line & keg-filling head should arrive along with some other various parts we ordered.  And our Glycol Chiller should be arriving on Tuesday!  Yee-haw!








Here’s our plate & frame Velo filter.  This thing is way heavier than it looks.








And here’s our three pumps.  The two in the right are the ones that came up with me on this trip.  All are wheel mounted and the two on either end are variable speed (which has to do with the type of motor that drives the pump and how it’s controlled).










And our cool looking, old-school malt scale.


Oh…and Happy Halloween!

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