Blogging Hiatus

Ok, so I guess I took a little blogging hiatus there for awhile.  Wow!  I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything in almost an entire month!  Man oh man, time sure does fly…

As you’ve probably guessed though, not a lot of exciting activity has occurred with the brewery in the last several weeks.  We DID get the support of many local community groups, which was fantastic and will be extremely helpful in the near future.  However, the “big event” that we are still waiting for is that stamp of approval from the Planning Department for our project.  Without that approval we can’t do business in our current location, and therefore can’t generate any income…

I wish there was some sort of action I could take to make this process happen faster but unfortunately, in this case, we are at the mercy of the bureaucratic process.  Just to give you an idea, I recently spoke with someone in the Planning Department, and he said our case file was on his desk, but there were 20 other cases ahead of ours, so it would probably take a few more weeks before he even gets to it.  Also, because the issuance of an alcohol permit is subject to a public hearing, a notice must be posted for 30 days before the actual hearing can take place.

It has been extremely frustrating (and a huge test of my patience) to not have direct control over the timeline of our project at this point in time – AND to try waiting patiently while also paying rent on a big, empty building!  Aaarrrggghhh!!!

Well, as a wise man named Captian Beer once pointed out to me, at the end of this road of bureaucracy and frustration lies really good beer!  I know we’ll get there eventually…

Actually, there is one other slightly-exciting thing I should mention.  At the request of several friends (who happened to be having parties or special events) I’ve been brewing at home again!  Even though the last few weeks have had me entangled in tedious and boring stuff, I’m glad I made the time to dust off the old brewkettle and put a few batches into the fermenters.  It has definitely re-energized my passions, and reminded me why we’re doing this crazy thing in the first place!  More details on these new beers coming soon….

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