Family Fun Day (…more cleaning)

Yes, there is LOTS of cleaning to do.  But cleaning is always more fun when you’ve got friends and family to boss around…I mean, to share the pain with you.

Here’s a few pictures of our latest day of cleaning.  The Brew Kettle and Hot Liquor Tank are nice and shiny now, so we’ve moved onto some of the fermenters.









Here’s my dad guiding me on the forklift as we raise one of the secondary fermenters up onto the cleaning blocks.  Check out the grime on the lower half of the tank.









It’s much easier to clean these things when they’re up on cinder blocks, especially the grimy underside.  In the background you can see that we still have several tanks to go…









It can’t be considered a sweatshop if it’s family, right?  Well…good thing they’ll work for beer!










How do you know when you’ve spent too much time on a hot summer day, toiling away on some grimy tanks?  Right about the time the guy in the space-suit shows up with a bottle of shiny-spray!  That’s when you get to go home.  Hooray!

Don’t worry though, more brewery hijinks coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Family Fun Day (…more cleaning)

  1. most sweatshops employ family and ‘friends’ except they are usually chained to their stations. fortunately Jeremy didn’t have the heart to chain us to cinder blocks 😀 it was actually a lot of fun working as a family. we’re all eagerly anticipating opening day and will dedicate as much time as possible. looking forward to helping out every weekend until we’re open for business!

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