Still Cleaning…

It has been a while since I posted anything, but we certainly have been busy during the past week!  Here’s a picture of the underside of the kettle, all cleaned up, painted and ready to be installed.  What a difference!









That’s one done, and on to the next one…

Here’s a couple pictures of the Hot Liquor Tank, which will be the next thing we’ll clean.  The outside is pretty grimy, and you can see some mineral deposits on the inside that need to be removed.











A little food-grade phosphoric acid should remove the mineral deposits and get it nice and shiny again.

Also this week we’ve been continuing to work on the floors.  We pulled up the carpeting in the area where the tap-room will be, and found a ridiculous amount of carpet glue stuck to the concrete.  Removing this stuff is seriously hard work, and requires a LOT of scraping.  In the picture below you can see an example of the floors before and after the glue has been removed.  Not very exciting, I know, but since there is so much of this stuff on the floors, we’ll be working at this for quite awhile…










The other thing we’ve been busily working on is acquiring all of the proper permits from the City of Los Angeles.  Admittedly, this process is not as exciting as cleaning brewing kettles, but necessary nonetheless.  Yesterday I spent about four hours running around between the Planning Department and City Hall, trying to make sure I have all of the proper paperwork for our applications.  I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg though…

The floor plans and site plans have been completed, and next week I have an appointment with the Department of Building & Safety to do a preliminary review of our plans.  They will be checking that everything in the plans is compliant with building codes, that we have enough exits and parking spaces for the proposed number of occupants, etc…  Wish me luck!

One thought on “Still Cleaning…

  1. It looks great. Cant wait to see it in person!!! I am soooo proud of you . What a lot of work it must be! But well worth it in the end!! Love you–Steph

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