Working on Permits

Today I had a meeting with our Expediter, and started to review the floor plan for our tap-room.  An Expediter is basically a person who is an expert at dealing with the red-tape of the city’s various permitting systems.  They make sure your applications are filled out correctly the first time, etc, and handle all of the other paperwork so you don’t have to go crazy running around the city all day.

We have to  apply for a Conditional Use Permit to serve alcohol to the public in the City of LA, and the application for that permit is quite literally an exercise in bureaucratic gymnastics.  Just as an example, you have to have a map drawn up showing a 500-foot radius of your building, as well as all of the occupants within that radius.  And then 15 copies of that map (I am not exaggerating) need to be sent out to various departments within the city.  And the maps have to be dated within 90 days of the date on the application.

This is just one of many steps on the application, so you get the idea…

I’m sure that sounds pretty boring though, so I won’t go on about it anymore.  It was however, very exciting to see the floor plan, and to start picturing how it will eventually look.  We had to change a few of my original floor plan ideas around, to make things comply with the building code, but it is definitely starting to look cool!  I’ll post the floor plan up here when I get a finished copy of it, so keep an eye out for that.

Hmmm…Maybe this wasn’t a very interesting post after all…

Oh well.  Just another part of the process…

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