Moving In, pt.2

Here’s some more pictures.  These are from June 18th, when we moved the second half of our equipment up from San Diego.  Again, I had intended on getting more pictures of us in action, but we had our hands very full, so I ended up with just a couple.

Truckload #2 in our brewery









My dad (Steve) celebrates after unloading truckload #2 of equipment into our brewery.  He’s standing next to the Mash Tun, and in the foreground is our forklift, which we bought with the package from Alesmith.  I don’t know why, but I think it’s kind of cool that we own our own forklift…there must be some sort of natural manly affinity for heavy machinery.  The big blue box in the back corner is the steam boiler, which will produce the heat source for our brewhouse.

The equipment is roughly in the location it will live in when the brewhouse is assembled, but we still have to cut into the floor to dig new drains, so we’ll have to move it out of the way when that construction takes place.  This picture definitely gives you a sense of scale and proportion though.

Jeremy on the Brew Kettle









Here’s me looking kinda goofy, but happy, standing on the Brew Kettle and Hot Liquor Tank.  The Brew Kettle is the cylindrical tank on my right, and the Hot Liquor Tank is the lower one on my left.  (In the brewing industry “Liquor” just refers to brewing water, so it’s basically a tank where water is heated for brewing purposes.)

On the Brew Kettle, just under my foot, you’ll see pipes sticking out from the side of the kettle.  These are where the steam enters the kettle, in three different zones (top, middle, bottom), which allows you to better control the temperature in the kettle, and to get a really good rolling boil.  The kettle is jacketed, so the steam circulates around inside the jacket, and heats the contents of the kettle, but never comes into contact with the wort in the kettle (same basic principle as a double-boiler on your kitchen stove).


That’s all the pictures I have for now, but I’ll try to post more soon.  This past week I’ve been working in the office/tap-room area, pulling up carpeting and trying to clean off the nasty carpet glue from the concrete floor.  Not very exciting I admit, but still a necessary part of the process.


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