The Beginnings…

I’m finally sitting down to write about this now, even though it started long ago.  I think the original idea came sometime in 2005 while sitting around on a hot summer day, sipping on some homebrew with friends, and day-dreaming about opening a brewery (as most homebrewers tend to do).  There was also that time brewing with my dad in my garage, everything was going wrong – water spraying everywhere, wort splashing onto the floor.  At one point we both looked up at each other, amidst the mayhem, smiling ear-to-ear and both said “Yeah, I could do this everyday…”

Anyway, to spare you the misty memories, we actually did the legal paperwork in March of 2006, and Eagle Rock Brewery, LLC was officially started.  The remainder of 2006 and most of 2007 was spent working on the business plan, and researching the logistics of what it would actually take to open our own brewery.  It seems crazy now, but it really did take us the better part of two years to get all of the information together, write a solid business plan, and feel confident about what we were getting ourselves into.  Oh, and my dad and I were both still working our full-time “day” jobs too.

Time has really flown since then, and a lot of exciting things are happening for us now, so I’ll skip the boring historical details and get caught up with current events.

Oh, for those who are interested in the boring historical details, I’ll try to get into those at a later date.

That’s all for now…

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